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Truss Baja Ringan

Truss Baja Ringan

Construction of roofing frame or Truss Baja Ringan is a solution for ordinary roof truss that still uses wood as a base material, due to the influence of weather and termites. Baja Ringan is of high quality with tensile strength above 550 MPA.

Its toughness is even more absolute when it is Galvalumed.




Distributor & Supplier of Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume

We are a supplier and distributor of Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume that has been trusted in the quality of Galvalume production and is supported by reliable experts in the Galvalume production field.

Our Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume has been tested in the field and certified by the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

We provide the best solution for the needs of your Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume by providing the lowest manufacturing prices with such high Galvalume quality produced. If there are further questions or should you need more info about shipping fees and product availabilty please contact our Customer Service. We are ready to help you.





Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume is Perfect for your Roofing Construction

Baja Ringan Galvalume Roof frame or Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume has been widely used because of its more cost-efficient maintenance, also Baja Ringan Galvalume are made from CRC (cold rolled coil) which is very light but strong and sturdy mass which serves as a perfect choice for roof structure building material.

If the Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume are properly installed it can be really stable and sturdy with the advantages of Baja Ringan Galvalume that is resistant to all weather, does not rust, strong for decades, anti-termite, and many other positive outcome.



Has High Tensile Strength but is Light

Strong and Hardiness.

High Form Consistency

Creating a precise structure when building.

Termite and Fire Resistant

Made from materials that are not flammable and free from fleas.

Fast and Easy Installation

Very practical to handle so it saves time.

Immune to Rust and Corrosion

Made of Aluminium 55% and Silikon 1,5%.


We offer the best manufacturing price.


We provide Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume with diameters of 6 meters long and thickness of 0,65 mm – 0,8 mm.

what are the payment terms of teslabaja?

Our standard payment terms are cash Ex Works (EXW). Please contact us if you have any questions regarding payment terms.

What are the advantages of using baja ringan as a roof structure compare to using other conventional wood materials as a roof structure?

The advantages of Light Steel Truss with conventional wooden roof frame are as follows.

 – More consistent, because it is produced using a machine

– Not flammable

– Hold Termites FOREVER

– Light and not weathered

– Very easy to install

– Resistant to weather changes

– Long structure life


what are the advantages of truss baja ringan galvalume?

The advantages of Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume as follows:

– Light and easy to handle

– No welding required, just bolt

– Easy and fast installation

– Rust resistant, because of the material from Zinc-Aluminum / Galvalume

– Lack of wasted material

– Flexible in the design

– Free of maintenance costs


What is SNI Certification?

SNI is the Indonesian National Standard nationally applicable in Indonesia. The SNI standard was first drafted by the technical committee and defined by the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN).

For products intended to be distributed into Indonesian market, in compliance with SNI standard is a must (if mandatory). Not only standard to be complied with but also related regulations or directives shall be taken into account.

In general, there are 2 (two) main stages required for SNI approval.

  • Factory Audit/Inspection ;
  • Laboratory product testing
Are there anything that need to be considered during the installation of truss baja ringan?

In the installation or use of the Truss Baja Ringan Galvalume there are several things that must be considered by. These things are as follows.

 – Avoid being submerged in rain water before installation

– Avoid getting exposed to wet cement

– Avoid being exposed to direct or steam from chemicals, especially alkaline substances and such

– Once installed, avoid leakage


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