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Reng Baja Ringan

Reng Baja Ringan

Reng Baja Ringan is made of Zinc, making it anti-rust. Another advantage of Zinc is its strength to the natural conditions of Indonesia.

We provide Light Steel Reng 0.4 – 0.5 thickness with a length of 6 m.



Distributor & Supplier of Reng Baja Ringan Galvalum

Welcome to, we are a supplier and distributor of Galvalume Reng Baja Ringan Galvalume that prioritizes high quality for its consumers. Supported by experts who have been experienced in Galvalume worksmanship for years, is increasingly guaranteeing the quality of both work performance and its goods.

Our Galvalum Light Steel Reng has been tested in the field and certified by the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

We are your solution in terms of Galvalum Baja Ringan both in terms of low manufacturing prices and also the quality we provide is not in doubt. If you need information about the availability of goods or other technical info, please contact our Customer Service.







Use of Reng Baja Ringan Galvalume

Reng Baja Ringan Galvalume is a Baja Ringan bar that is used as a roof holder from a roof frame. Reng, sometimes called profile B, but people in the civil field of Indonesia usually call it, Reng Baja Ringan. The function of Reng Baja Ringan Galvalume is similar to the Reng on a wooden frame version. Namely as a base for roof tiles or roof coverings. Reng also serves to tie Truss Baja Ringan in Roofing project.


Strong and Light

Not easily broken and earthquake safe.

Fire Resistance

Does not contain flammable material.

Termite Safe

Free from insects, fleas, and rodents.

Easy Installation

Easy to handle which saves time.

Anti-Rust and Corrosion

Made of Aluminium 55% dan Silikon 1,5%.

Economical Price

We deliver the cheapest manufacturer price.

What is the difference between Galvalume and Galvanize?

The difference between Galvalum and Galvanized lies in its Coating material. Galvanized is the first generation whose ingredients contain Zinc. While Galvalum which also contains Zinc but added Aluminum element which serves to maintain the Baja Ringan’s immunity against corrosion and high temperature which is far more efficient than Galvanized which only contains Zinc.

What is the advantage of using Baja RIngan than other conventional steel?

Baja Ringan is better than other conventional steel because Baja Ringan contains additional non-metallic elements, namely carbon (C), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), vanadium (V), molybdaen (Mo), with its purpose of improving the function of steel material, such as anti-corrosion, more resistant to heat and high temperatures.

What is the role or function of Reng on the roofing structure?

Reng is a roof frame structure whose position is just below the roof cover (Truss) which serves to channel the pressure of the roof cover to other structures below it.

Is there any other any other type of Baja Ringan?

Yes, Baja Ringan is classified according to 3 types or variants namely G250, G300, G500. Each type is distinguished based on the tensile strength of the height, function, and thickness of 0.20 to 2 mm.

How to calculate the cost of using Baja Ringan for roofing structure?

This is the way and examples of calculating the total cost of making roof structure using Baja Ringan.

1. Sketch the roof Before calculating costs.

We need to calculate the area of ​​a roof. In order to know the description of the shape of the roof to be installed, we can draw it first in accordance with the reduced size using a scale calculation.

2. Calculating the area of ​​a roof.

For example, the size of the house is 6 x 10 m. Each roof has an oversteck of 0.5 m on the right, left, front and back. If the roof slope is 30 degrees, the area of ​​the roof (LAR) is:

LAR = length x width / cosine slope of the roof

= (6 m + right left oversteck 1 m) x (10 m + front rear oversteck 1 m) / cos 30 °

= 7 m x 11 m: cos 30 ° = 77 m2: 0.866

LAR = 88, 92 m2.

3. Calculating the total cost of roofing structure using Baja Ringan.

At this stage we have to know what the price range of Baja Ringan and the price of tile we choose. For example, the price of 1 mm of Baja Ringan currently is Rp. 150 thousand / m2, while the price of metal tile is Rp. 100 thousand / m2.

So the total cost of mild steel is:

= (LAR x mild steel price per m2) + (LAR x roof cover price per m2)

= (88.92 m2 x Rp. 140,000) + (88.92 m2 x Rp. 100,000)

= Rp. 12,448,800 + Rp. 8,892,000

= Rp. 22,230,000.

So the total cost of a lightweight steel roof truss for a 6 x 10 m2 house is Rp 22 million 230 thousand.

Why does Baja Ringan is a perfect material for roofing structure?

Baja Ringan is a construction material that is now increasingly in demand because of its lightness and durability. It is used as a substitute for conventional steel and wood because it is more efficient, inexpensive, and termite resistant.

Baja Ringan are composed of Baja Ringan profile plates that are flexible and lightweight compared to other material frames. Baja Ringan profiles are known for their flexibility and practicality in installation.

The process of installing Baja Ringan profiles is fairly fast, usually takes 4-5 days if done by 3-4 installers who are experts and are familiar with Baja Ringan frames. Although it has a light weight (9 kg / m²) compared to other materials, such as wood (18 kg / m²) and steel (25 kg / m²), the building frame designed from a Baja Ringan profile can actually reduce the preassure on the building during a shock


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