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Your Hollow & Baja Ringan Galvalume Specialists

Currently Hollow & Baja Ringan usage has been increasingly in demand by many people both in the construction of the building frame or roofing. The advantages of Galvalume Baja Ringan compare to other building materials that use wood and conventional steel or Galvanized materials are very absolute. In addition to being lightweight and easy to mobilize, Baja Ringan is also termite-proof, anti-corrosion, rust resistance and non-flammable so that it can last for years compared to wood which is easily attacked by termites or steel which has very low resistance to rust and corrosion.

We proudly call us as the best solution for your Hollow & Baja Ringan Galvalume needs. We are suppliers and distributors of PT. Global Baja Utama which is a company that prioritizes the quality of the product they produce.

PT Global Baja Utama are focused on the production of low-cost but high-quality Galvalume construction materials. Galvalume is made of 55% Aluminum 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. This material is very environmentally friendly because it is very corrosion resistant. Our mission is to become a leading manufacturer of Galvalume products in Indonesia. All of our products are Indonesia National Standard (SNI) certified. We are a key player in achieving the goal of 1 Million houses from the government by offering the lowest manufacturing prices for our Hollow & Baja Ringan Galvalume products.Producing such high quality product with a low-cost manufacturing base is the key to our Hollow Galvalume and Baja Ringan Galvalume (Truss & Reng) business success that is increasingly growing.


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